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Libyan comic returns to Brighton Fringe with his debut hour, ten years after catching the stand-up bug at the festival

Born and raised in Libya, Mustafa left the country after the 2011 Arab Spring protests. Upon relocating to the UK, Mustafa found himself living in Brighton where he first caught the stand-up comedy bug during Brighton Fringe 2013. 


Fast-forward six years and Mustafa, now in Munich, took to the stage with his first stand-up set.


Fast forward another four years, now trained as an improviser and the co-founder of Munich's first weekly and longest-running English stand-up comedy club Medium Rare, Mustafa returns to Brighton Fringe ten years after his first experience at the festival with his debut solo hour A Little Killing Hurts No One, running for 22 dates during the festival.

In “A Little Killing Hurts No One”, Mustafa reflects on his experience on the European way of life as a Libyan Arab, longing so badly to be part of it, yet confronted with certain differences that makes it confusing for him. He speaks about war, religion, meditation, velvet sofas and exploding ducks. “The whole point of the show is that we put our guards down and enjoy our differences. I will also convince you why a little killing might not be a bad idea after all! All with laughter along the way.” says Mustafa.

Mustafa’s humour is eclectic, ranging from the silliest to the darkest, all mixed with a semi-intellectual demeanour that adds to decades of the severe imposter syndrome he experiences.

The show, "A Little Killing Hurts No One," will take place in Artista, The Snug and The Walrus (Raised Room) starting from the 5th of May till the 4th of June. For specific dates and times, please visit this link:

Mustafa Algiyadi
+49 176 12345678

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"constant laughter"

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"warm and engaging comic"
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